The College is based in the old Wiltshire college located in Chippenham (opposite the Train station) This multifloored airsoft site comprising of over 80 rooms, 90,000 sq ft spanning three floors including classrooms, canteen, auditorium, library and various staircases. The college is a must for any CQB fanatic.

Spartan Airsoft CQB is open ever Sunday. Please check upcoming game dates for confirmation.

Doors open at 8:00am
Chrono RIF's before safety brief.
Safety Brief begins at 9:00am, game commences soon after.
Lunch is bring you own (Local super market within walking distance)
Game day finishes approximately 3:30pm (Dependant on light)
Game play changes regularly & some games during the day may be limited BB's

Spartan is fully equipped
  • Indoor safe area with lighting.
  • Hard standing free car parking.
  • Shop selling BB’s, bangs and other goodies.
  • Charging facilities (Just in case)
  • HPA Refills (Subject to availability)
  • Toilets
  • UKARA Membership available

Spartan CQB - The college image
The rules outlined below are in place for your safety and enjoyment. Any breaches of the rules  will be dealt with by site staff which could result in a site ban across all Spartan Airsoft sites.

The safe zone has been established for your safety through-out the game day. Having a safe zone gives you a safe area to remove eye protection and take a break from the action. To ensure your safety ALL magazines must be removed and weapon chambers cleared before entering the safe zone. There is no dry firing in the safe zone.

Eye protection MUST be worn at all times in the playing area and should only be removed when in the Safe Area or if advised by a marshal. Players under 18 MUST wear a FULL FACE ONE PIECE MASK. It is strongly advised that full face protection be worn. Ballistic/shooting glasses may be worn but this is at your own risk.

Players must complete a disclaimer before the start of play. Disclaimers are to be completed once a year and can be found here, on site or alternatively contact us to receive one via email or Facebook messenger. Players under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian over 18 years of age to counter sign the disclaimer for them. Minimum age to attend our sites is 12. Proof of age may be required before the date of play.

DO NOT SPEED when entering or leaving the site. The speed limit is 5mph.  ALL RIFs (realistic imitation firearms) MUST be carried in an appropriate carry case/bag or be wrapped so they are out of public view. All vehicles & belongings are left at owners risk.

It is strongly advised that strong boots with ankle support are worn onsite due to many uneven & wet surfaces. Running is at your own risk. Do not climb or move barricades, these have been put in place by the marshal team for you tactical advantage.

Torches or Tactical Lights are required when playing in dark areas & rooms around the site.

Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry and no alcohol or drugs are permitted on the site. Sharp blades may NOT be taken into gaming areas.

All RIF's AEG's Shotguns & Pistol's are required to be tested using a Chronograph prior to the briefing on the game day.
Max BB weight for Spartan CQB is 0.25g. Standard BB's can be used at Spartan CQB.


PLEASE NOTE FPS Limits using 0.20g BB's:

Any AEGs found to be firing over our site limits cannot be used on our site. It is players responsibility to make sure weapons are within limits, NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Laser sights can be mounted but must follow the following rules; Laser can only be aimed from shoulder down, do not shine lasers into player eyes. Marshals will inform you on the day regarding lasers.

Drum mags over 350rnds cannot be used.

Only Pyro authorised by a marshal or purchased from Spartan Airsoft can be used at our site.

BFG's can be used and must follow the following rules. Primers 209 or 9mm MAX. BFG's must be thrown under arm or posted, over arm throws are not allowed. BFG's cannot be thrown into dark rooms due to limited visibility. Players must have full line of sight before deploying their BFG blind firing rules apply.

NO BLIND FIRING, Blind firing is not permitted on site, you must have visual contact with your target at all times.


At Spartan CQB we run a wide range of different game modes through out the game day.
Due to a wide variation of platforms used on site (HPA/AEG/GBB/SPRING) our shorter format of game modes call for different primary ammo limits.



* 300rnds can be used in any variation Hi caps/Mid caps/Low caps. HPA Pistols should be used as a primary and will not be accepted as a secondary if you are running a primary weapon. (These rules to not apply to Support weapons such as moscart launchers.) These rules are too the marshals discretion please speak to a marshal if you have any questions.*

We have found that implementing ammo limits allows players to move around the site more efficiently and stops parts of the site being overwhelmed with fire and becoming bogged down, allowing players too capture and control objectives.

The essence of Airsoft is fair play, honour and integrity. This should be foremost in your mind when playing remember this is only a game. Hit taking is a fundamental principle in airsoft, a hit is from the top of your head down to your boots (including kit & Secondary weapons). When hit shout "HIT!" and raise your arm to indicate you are no longer in play.

Excessive shooting of players is not tolerated at all times. Players need to understand when hit that there maybe incoming bb's still travelling in your direction.

Aggressive and disruptive behaviour, weather verbal of physical, to a player or marshal will not be tolerated.

The Spartan Marshal team have extensive experience as both players and marshals and are there for you safety, also to encourage fair play. Do not shoot marshals. All Marshals decision are final. The rules as stated above are in place for your safety and enjoyment.

Will be explained during the safety/scenario briefing.

Failure to comply to these rules or any given on the day may result in a full ban from all Spartan Sites.
CQB Pricing (from)
  • Game fee for players  £30 
  • Kit hire  £20 (not including any BB’s)
Hire kit includes a G36 assault rifle, battery, full face one piece mask, 2 magazines and a load vest.

BB'S (from)
  • 0.20g Bottle (3600 approx) £10.00
  • 0.25g Bottle (3600 approx) £11.00

Other Fun Bits (from)
  • MK5 flash bangs £3.50 or 3 for £10
  • M38 Multi-bang Grenades £6.00
  • Wire Pull Flash Grenades £4.50
  • Green gas £10.00
  • Spartan Hoodies & T-shirt (TBA)
  • Spartan Patches £5.00
  • HPA Refills £3.00 (subject to availability)
  • Gift Vouchers available (Please ask a marshal or message us on Facebook )

*All prices subjected to change, We are unable to accept credit or debit cards, cash only on the day (no Credit)*

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booking image
Please book using the text number below or click on the link to message us directly via Facebook.

Text Number:- 07791176046



We will require the following information
  • Date of the game day you would like to attend
  • Which site you want to play? Woodland (Bristol) or CQB (Chippenham)
  • Number of players
  • Full names of all players wanting to attend
  • Dates of birth
  • Full names of players requiring hire packages
Depending how you book we will message back if we require more information & we will give information on how to pay (if required) & your booking reference. If you don’t get a booking reference within 24 hours please call us.

If you are asked to pay on the day please remember it is cash only NO CARDS

Disclaimers will be available on site on the day but can also be accessed ​here.​​​
When we accept your booking you will receive a booking number.