The College is based in the old Wiltshire college located in Chippenham (opposite the Train station) This multifloored airsoft site comprising of over 80 rooms, 90,000 sq ft spanning three floors including classrooms, canteen, auditorium, library and various staircases. The college is a must for any CQB fanatic.

The rules outlined below are in place for your safety. Any breaches of the rules below will be dealt with by site staff which could result in a site ban across both Spartan Airsoft sites.

The safe zone has been established for your safety through-out the game day. Having a safe zone gives you a safe area to remove eye protection and take a break from the action. To ensure your safety ALL magazines must be removed and weapon chambers cleared before entering the safe zone. There is no dry firing in the safe zone.

Eye protection MUST be worn at all times in the playing area and should only be removed when outside the playing area, in the Safe Area or if advised by a marshal. Ballistic Full Face Goggles are recommended but players may wear Shooting glasses at their own risk. Players under 18 MUST wear a full face mask. It is strongly advised that full face protection be worn but this is at your own discretion.

Players must complete a waiver before the start of every game day. Waivers are to be completed on yearly basis and can be found on our website or on site. Players under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver for them. Minimum age for our sites is 12.

DO NOT SPEED when entering or leaving the site. The speed limit is 5mph.  ALL RIFs (realistic imitation firearms) MUST be carried in an appropriate carry case/bag or be wrapped so they are out of public view. All Cars & belongings are at owners risk.

It is strongly advised that strong boots with ankle support are worn onsite due to many uneven & wet surfaces. Running is at your own risk. Do not climb or move barricades, these have been put in place by the marshal team for you tactical advantage.

Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry and no alcohol or drugs are permitted on the site. Sharp blades may NOT be taken into gaming areas.

All weapons are required to be tested using a Chronograph prior to the briefing on the game day.
Max BB weight for Spartan CQB is 0.25g. Standard BB's can be used at Spartan CQB.


PLEASE NOTE FPS Limits for our sites are as follows:

Any AEGs found to be firing over our site limits will not be used on our site. It is players responsibility to make sure weapons are within limits, NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Laser sights can be mounted but must follow the following rules; Laser can only be aimed head down, do not shine lasers into player eyes. Marshals will inform you on the day regarding lasers.

Only Pyro authorised by a head marshal or purchased from Spartan Airsoft can be used at our site.

BFG's can be used and must follow the following rules. Primers 209 or 9mm MAX. BFG's must be thrown under arm or posted, over arm throws are not allowed. BFG's cannot be thrown into dark rooms due to limited visibility. Players must have full line of sight before deploying their BFG blind firing rules apply.

NO BLIND FIRING, Blind firing is not permitted on site, you must have visual contact with your target at all times.

Airsoft is honourable and social sport which requires honesty and integrity. Only you will know if you have been hit so please take your hits. When hit shout "HIT" and raise your hand, this will inform other players that you are dead and moving to your respawn. If you do not take your hits and we receive reports of non hit taking you will be monitored by a marshal. Non hit taking may result in you being asked to leave our sites for the day.

Overkill – avoid overkill at all times, it only takes one round to eliminate someone – there is no need to continue shooting, although a certain amount of BB’s may still be in flight after the initial hit.

Violence and swearing are unacceptable – children may be present. Anyone who is found to be swearing or acting in an abusive manner toward other players or marshals will be cautioned as to their behaviour and if it continues will be asked to leave the site.

Marshalls are on site for your safety and to ensure you have an enjoyable day. Using marshals for target practice is unacceptable, we know we will be shot during a day but anyone repeatedly targeting marshals will be asked to leave. Marshal’s decisions are final. 

The rules outlined below are in place for your safety. Any breaches of the rules below will be dealt with by site staff which could result in a site ban across both Spartan Airsoft sites.

Spartan is fully equipped 

  •  Well lit saferoom with more than enough benches for over 60 players
  • Hard standing carpark,
  • Shop selling BB’s, bangs and other goodies
  • Charging facilities ( Just in case)
  • On site Shop
  • Toilets
  • UKARA Membership available